Cb sia fi na
And For Now Her Cup

There's a silent echo In the center
She always brings me the impossible truth
She is the doorway I ever enter
She is the lost hope of my tortured youth

And now on my face I am begging you
I died once and truly I'll die once more
I need reasons bigger to pull triggers
There is no other cause worth living for

So come now let us consecrate this war
My maidens of subtle, hot golden thoughts
Damned be so damned, fallen by such a sword
You're forever too smart to count the costs

Hope she screams too, Hope she believes in me
Hope I know the hope she instills in me
I can hope, hope that I never die young
But no matter what I die, deep in love

You lose, you lose, you are far from the truth
I only laugh under cover of dark
I am slowly tearing us together
And you are now just tearing me apart

God please forgive me for the love I live
Willfully ignorant of other things
I never stole what I could not give
Except the hope of what it brings